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Our Philosophy

Fairness, Honesty, Integrity and Respect for almost 40 years.

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Fairness, Honesty, Integrity and Respect
for almost 40 years.

Our Company

It is integral to the philosophy of Brouwer Construction (1981) Ltd. to be defined not by what we say we will do, but by what we actually do. Using the foundational principles of "Fairness", "Honesty", "Integrity", and "Respect" as our benchmark guidelines, we have achieved an enviable reputation in the construction industry. We believe that by employing a strong work ethic and a team approach in every project and by being guided by the above principles, we will continue to be the "go-to" General Contractor of choice.

Involved in the construction industry since 1959 and incorporated in 1981, this family owned and operated firm has been responsible for a great number and variety of projects, including but not limited to churches, long-term care facilities, elementary and secondary schools (both private and public), multi-story residences (condominium, life-lease and cooperative) as well as agricultural, commercial, and industrial enterprises.

Our Goal

The goal of Brouwer Construction (1981) Ltd. in each and every project is to provide a quality finished product, on time, in budget and to the complete satisfaction of the client. We believe that by keeping our promises, wherever and whenever possible within the parameters of our control, we have and will continue to meet that goal.

Employing a qualified staff with a wide variety of gifts, we encourage and foster a "team" approach on every project, ensuring that the necessary skills are employed effectively at every stage. Our staff is committed to reflecting our foundational principles in their approach to their own project contributions. Through such commitment we are able to achieve a quality product for the client and a personal pride of a job-well-done in both staff and management.

Our Pledge

The construction environment is one rich with challenges and opportunities. The challenges come in many forms, including governmental requirements, time constraints, weather, increasingly complicated designs and building systems. Brouwer Construction (1981) Ltd. accepts these challenges willingly and considers itself privileged to be able to serve the community through its construction expertise. We believe our reputation reflects in our dedication to quality, our attention to detail, our respect for the needs of our clients and our diligent post-completion and warranty work.

In order to continue to be successful, due diligence must continually be afforded to our vitally important clientele; respect, support and opportunities for growth provided to our staff; and honesty and fairness exemplified in relationship with the suppliers and sub-trades upon whom we are dependent.

Choosing Brouwer Construction (1981) Ltd. for your next project will ensure you will be treated with an exceptional degree of "Fairness", "Honesty", "Integrity" and "Respect", from conceptual design where applicable, through tendering, construction, completion, end-use by client and warranty attention.

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